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Quantum Aviation Solution GbmH

The fleet management product of Quantum Aviation Solutions GbmH has been introduced to the market in 2003 and since then was continuously developed further to address key requirements for ground handlers. As a global market leader, we provide solutions for aviation customers at major airports around the world. Within the last 3 years Quantum has significantly expanded its market presence. We work closely with our customers to provide innovative and adjustable solutions offering a quick return of investment.


Quantum Aviation Solutions Inc

Quantum Aviation Solutions Inc. was established in 2005 by a team of experts with extensive experience in the airline industry. The team’s initial software offering, BagSuite, was comprised of BagScan (now QuantumBRS) and BagTrail (now QuantumBM). Currently, Quantum Aviation is partnered with 50+ airlines and airports around the world, developing solutions and helping our clients adapt their solutions to their specific installation requirements. Quantum Aviation Solutions Inc. acquired the fleet management product from proveo in March 2016.



proveo was founded in 2002 in Crailsheim Germany and started as a pioneer in aviation fleet management. Through many years of experience with its aviation customers, the company developed a leading product for the aviation market. proveo was acquired by Zebra in 2008, after that is was privately owned for several years until it became part of Quantum Aviation Solutions in March 2016. Since then the product is being delivered applying Quantum’s high standard for technology and services to its customers.

Our Customers

Groundhandlers, Airlines and Airports are using Quantum’s products around the world.

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