Quantum works together with many stakeholders involved in fleet management around and at the airport. We serve ground handlers, airports, airlines, and many other stakeholders including catering, transportation department, cargo and aircraft maintenance.

Ground Handlers

Airline expectations are high, cost pressure on ground handlers increases.  ground handlers need to

  • Provide best possible service
  • Address cost pressures from airline customers in a highly competitive environment

QUANTUM’s Answer: Increase the automation of processes, get advanced warning for problems.  Reduce operational costs, and capital expenditure while increasing the number of turn-arounds

Airlines expect shorter and shorter turn around times putting groundhandlers under delivery pressure.

QUANTUM’s Answer: We provide ground handlers with the necessary planning, execution and control tools to optimize the utilization of all assets. Users get advanced alerts to address problems before they impact the service. We collect data to provide fact based documentation for contract control with the airlines.

Ground handlers are faced with new constantly changing technologies of an IoT environment that creates an uncertain environment for future investments.

QUANTUM’s Answer: Offer a modular and scalable product architecture. Just add new modules to the existing installation when they become available. Change with the environment and protect your investment.


Enforce safety regulation at the airport.  Define safety areas, speed limits at different parts of the airport, avoid accidents and get full transparency of violations.

QUANTUM’s Answer: We support access control to all critical assets at the airport. We model airport safety regulations in our system and help enforcement by monitoring alerts. All users of our system report significant reduction of accidents (up to 80%).

Growing number of flights, shorter and shorter aircraft turns and no place to grow for many airports and many stakeholders at the apron. These factors lead to more equipment and more movement at the ramp, resulting in congestions and safety concerns for many airports

QUANTUM’s Answer: Benefit from an overall view of your airport.  Monitor key KPIs.  Get decision support and a better view of congested areas.

Ambitious CO2 reduction targets have to be followed requiring new technology and new regulations.

QUANTUM’s Answer: We offer specific technology designed to benefit the use of battery powered vehicles.


The Goal: Efficient turnaround and on-time departure

Short turnaround times and on-time departures are essential and should be accomplished even when incoming schedules change, and unexpected events occur (e.g. delayed connections etc.)

QUANTUM’s Answer: Most airlines request a fleet management system from their ground handlers. Key KPIs are fact based, therefore need to be standardized on one system and get a full comparison of performance. Benefit from increased efficiency of the ground handling operation.

For self-handling airlines we offer additional functionality. Please contact us to get more information.

Other Stakeholders

QUANTUM’s Offer: : In over 15 years of working with key stakeholders in the aviation business we have developed specialized and innovative solutions for many differ specific requirements.  Please ask us for our specific solutions for:

  • Catering
  • Transportation Department
  • Cargo
  • Aircraft Maintenance

For our Baggage Reconciliation Product please see Quantum BRS solution (

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