We support our customers with the achievement of the benefits

Significant benefits and a rapid return of investment are essential to the users of our system. Together with our customers we create a business case, define KPIs which we measure and control during and after the installation project. In most cases the benefits are paying for the system in about a year or less after installation.

Reduction of Fuel Usage by up to 30%

Reduction of unnecessary engine runs and reduction of unnecessary trips

Reduction of Capital Expenditures by up to 25%

Reduction of capital expenditures through more efficient use of vehicles

Reduction of Maintenance Cost by up to 15%

Maintenance schedules based on accurate engine hours. Reduction of unnecessary engine hours and unsafe driving

Reduction of Accidents by up to 80%

Higher accountability of drivers through access control. Alerts for speeding, harsh breaking & impacts

From Standalone Asset Tacking to Worldwide Advanced Fleet Management

The Quantum solution is tailored towards our customer’s needs. From a simple standalone system to a globally integrated cloud-based solutions, we can adjust our functional and commercial solution to the needs of our customers.


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