Quantum - Advanced Fleet Management for Aviation





Quantum’s solution is at the leading edge of IoT technology.

  • Sensing technology on all assets at the airport provides timely and accurate status data
  • Quantum supports all available communication channels (including Cellular, WIFI, LoRa, BLE, RFID).
  • Our products are using a highly secure architecture
  • We offer an interpretation layer that allows to translate the data into relevant information for aviation business processes
  • Rule-based optimization engines automate key decisions for our customers managing the activities at the ramp

Hosting, Cloud Computing, SaaS and Scalability

Quantum offers different options for data access and software functionality

  • Quantum offers its Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • Cloud: We support private and public cloud solutions
  • We design the data infrastructure according to the needs of our customers in different parts of the world (e.g. requirement for in-country data hosting)
  • Scalability allows our customers to combine local implementations and global solutions
  • We offer redundancy for high system availabiliy

A-CDM (Airport Collaborative Decision Making)

Quantum is tightly integrated with the airport backend systems linking real time ground handling information with the planning information in the airport backend systems.

We offer:

  • Standard interfaces
  • APIs to our data
  • Reading standard APIs used from airport authorities


Based on our open technology and the intelligent use of real time data the Quantum solution can be an important link within the A-CDM network.

Our Customers

Groundhandlers, Airlines and Airports are using Quantum’s products around the world.

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