From Standalone Asset Tracking to
Worldwide Advanced Fleet Management

The Quantum solution is tailored towards our customer needs.  From a simple standalone system to a globally integrated cloud-based solution we can adjust our functional and commercial offer to the requirements of our customers.


  • Maintenance
  • Billing
  • HR, Rostering
  • RMS, BRS

Global Solution

  • Multiple Stations
  • Limitless Scalability Based on Cloud 
  • Global KPIs
  • Global Processes


  • Motorized
  • Non-Motorized
  • Indoor
  • Hangar
  • Baggage Halls

Multiple Units

  • Cargo
  • Catering
  • De-Icing
  • Police Cars, Fire Engines
  • Aircraft Maintenance

Modular and flexible product

Our innovative modular hard- and software architecture provides our customers 100 reds of combinations for solution delivery.

Protect your investment by choosing Quantum, an innovation leader with a flexible solution addressing current as well as future needs.

Motorized equipment

Manage any motorized gse based on real-time vehicle and driver data and position, restrict access to vehicles remotely, avoid engine idling and unnecessary repair costs, plan and utilize equipment based on engagement standards and execute preventive maintenance based on real engine hours.

Non-motorized equipment

Manage non-motorized equipment based on real-time position information, avoid misuse by third parties, bill your clients for dolly use accurately, manage maintenance cycles and get load information of dollies.

Indoor & tunnel tracking

Never ‘’lose“ equipment in underground areas anymore and get full real time visibility even where gps is not available for tracking.

Supporting your Business Processes

Our product functionality is designed to support ground handling processes:

Integrate your backend
system for full business logic

Configure the product to
reflect your specific apron

Design your customizable
dashboard to receive the
information most relevant for
your business role

Use a full continuous
improvement cycle by
getting actual data and
compare with planning data

Our Partners

Groundhandlers, Airlines and Airports are using Quantum’s products around the world.

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